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What we do

Overall Program Objective To increase access to regional broadband (wireless) networks and advance the development of an Internet Communications Technology (ICT) enabled services industry in the Caribbean Region.
Program Benefits:

increase access and affordability of wireless communication networks within Grenada and with its regional island neighbors;
accelerate and foster the development of a regional Information Technology (IT) Industry;
contribute to improved government efficiency and transparency through the delivery of e-services, including e-government and e-society applications;
develop a group of skilled and certified ICT citizen professionals;
Create individual employment opportunities in I C T;
Jumpstart innovation and economic expansion.

Overall Program Objective To increase access to regional broadband (wireless) networks and advance the development of an Internet Communications Technology (ICT) enabled services industry in the Caribbean Region.
Program Benefits:

Who are we


The Government of Saint Lucia, Grenada, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines embarked on a project called the Caribbean Regional Communication Infrastructure Program or CARCIP for short.

The development objective of CARCIP is to increase access to regional broadband networks and advance the development of an ICT-enabled services industry in the Caribbean Region.

This objective will be achieved through :

(a) targeting investments in ICT infrastructure that fill the gaps at the regional and domestic levels, in partnership with the private sector and other development partners, where applicable;

(b) creating an enabling environment that fosters competitive access to infrastructure and an IT/ITES and other knowledge industries;

(c) enabling and supporting the creation of e-services, including m-government services;

(d) integrating rural areas in the knowledge and information society thereby increasing their participation in the regional economy;

(e) strengthening of institutional arrangements to ensure effective program implementation and outcomes; and

(f) improving procurement and safeguards processes to ensure sustainable investments in ICT .

Program Beneficiaries

CARCIP will benefit the entire 27.5 million population of the CARIFORUM region in both urban and rural areas, and will include operators, schools, hospitals, emergency responders, government ministries and departments, ICT services consumers (business and residential), IT/ITES and other knowledge-intensive businesses and employees, and e- and m-government services users. Benefits are expected to include improved access to broadband services, lower prices and higher quality of services. IT/ITES impact is also expected to be considerable on direct employment and economic diversification. Additionally, there will be an important social impact for rural areas in terms of education by leveraging the CKLN. Furthermore, as the number of e- and m-government services increase, it is expected that the quality of public services will be enhanced. For monitoring purposes under CARCIP Phase 1, direct project beneficiaries will be defined as a percentage of the number of employees in supported firms plus number of people trained under the project in the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Female beneficiaries are expected to be at least 50 percent of this estimate.

CARCIP supports efforts of the region and the Government of Saint Lucia, allowing the participating countries in the first phase of the program (Saint Vincent, Grenada and Saint Lucia) to accelerate the deployment of critical regional infrastructure to foster regional economic development and growth. It expects to do this through support to bridge physical connectivity gaps as well as technical assistance to improve the enabling environment to maximize the development potential of the regional ICT infrastructure to diversify and stimulate growth. The program will leverage and/or expand on recently completed surveys and assessments to expedite the assessment phase of the program.

The PDO Level Results Indicators are the following: a) Number of Internet Users b) IT/ITES employmentc) Businesses receiving Support through the projectd) Direct project beneficiaries, (percentage of which are female)

The total amount of IDA resources required for Grenada-CARCIP is estimated at US$6 million.

How Do We Do This?


The Government of Grenada accomplishes the above through the following initiatives:
1. ICT (Internet Communications Technology) sector development through liberalization and open access policies and legislation;
2. Funding of national and/or regional infrastructure development/improvement projects;
3. Development and/or enhancement of a high speed broadband network to connect major population centers to existing regional broadband networks, as well as increase cross-country connectivity with our island neighbors.
4. Adoption of official policies to promote ICT access and activities such as import taxes, electrical power, training, etc;
5. Creation of an environment that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship through the development of a business incubator; not just for new businesses but for existing businesses as well.

Who are we

Grenada, St. Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, in partnership with other regional organizations such as the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) launched the Caribbean Regional Communications Infrastructure Program (CARCIP) in June 2013 in Grenada. This partnership project is funded by the International Development Association (IDA) of the World Bank and has the objective of building a bridge for the national and regional information and communications infrastructure, and to facilitate increased communications connectivity throughout and among Eastern Caribbean nations. It is also designed to leverage the power of information and communication technologies (ICT) to increase social and economic development.
The mission of CARCIP is to create a supportive infrastructure that leverages domestic talent to strengthen regional economies, foster employment and economic growth, and create more robust competition throughout regional markets. Ultimately, these improvements will establish the basis for enhanced productivity of businesses and government entities aimed at improving the quality of the lives of all citizens.
Expected benefits include:
improved access to broadband (cellular) services;
lower prices and higher quality of services;
positive impact on direct employment and economic diversification choices;
positive impact in rural areas in terms of education by opening access to the Caribbean Knowledge and Learning Network (CKLN).
increased entrepreneurial opportunities for individuals with ICT related business ideas;
increased opportunities for existing businesses to expand and grow;
expansion of the quality of public services will be enhanced by the development of
e-government capabilities;
increase in the number of Grenadian citizens trained under the project.

Tools & Forms

Welcome to the Tools and Forms section of our website! Here you will find plenty of information to get started on completing your application for the Business Grants Program.

We have provided you with templates to use in filling out your application. Both are examples of what a completed application would look like.

You will find one example for an application for a new business. If you have a new business idea that you want funded, please open this template and replace the information there with the information about your new business.

If you have an existing business and are thinking of beginning a project to help grow or expand your business, please consider applying for this grant to help fund this initiative. Just like the application template for a new business, you will find an example of an application for an existing business. Please open this template and replace the information there with the information about the new project for your business.

In addition to your application you will need to provide the following information:

For an existing business:

1. A copy of your business registration certificate;
2. A copy of any other type of governmental licensure (if required) for your business;
3. A copy of the last three years financial information (either formal financial statements or tax returns);
4. A project plan with financial projections;
5. A summary of the background(s) of the owners or principals of the business (for example, a resume or C.V.)

A copy of your business registration certificate OR when you plan to apply for one;/

1. A copy of any other type of governmental licensure (if required) for your business OR when you plan to apply for one;
2. A business plan with financial projections; (please visit this website for a free business plan template form to use to create your own
3. A summary of the background(s) of the owners or principals of the business (for example, a resume or C.V.)

In addition to the application forms you will find under the “Helpful Links” heading links to website tools for small business. These tools range from help in creating your business plan(s), to simple financial record keeping systems, to online business calculators and to everyday plain and simple advice for small business owners. And, we will be adding more in the near future. All of this is free! The only thing you will spend is your time to explore and learn!!!


Sample Application Form for Business Development Grant For an Existing Business
Sample form existing business (Docx Format)
Sample form existing business (PDF Format)
Sample form Startup business (Docx Format)
Sample form Startup business (PDF Format)
Small Business Grant Workshop Presentation

Must-read documents to download:

Business Solutions Think Tank and Hackathon - Registration Form to Apply
Training Grant for Animation Training, Video Graphics and Special Effects
Training Grant for Medical Billing and Coding Certification
Information to know Our Call for Proposals

Helpful Links: Help to build your business plan - Free business financial ratios for 250 industries, along with other well-organized business and industry statistics. - Calculators to finesse your monthly budget, compare borrowing costs and plan for your future. - A Free Online Calculator, Quick and Easy - The world's most loved free online accounting system. - one of the world’s largest online resources for small businesses, providing essential tools and resources to start, grow, and manage your business.


We have developed two “15 minutes online assessments” that individuals interested in training in Medical billing and Medical coding must complete before enrolling into the program. These assessments will help our office to determine the “right-fit” students for enrollment in the program.

Medical Billing assessment

Medical Coding assessment


CARCIP Business Incubation and Training Grants FAQ


What is a business incubator?

a. A business incubator is a legal entity created to support small business entities, both start-up and existing, by providing them with physical space, equipment, as well as organizational, legal, financial, advisory and informative services. Business incubators are set up as a “safe haven” for businesses to succeed.


What type of grants are available from CARCIP?

a. CARCIP awards grants for new/startup ICT business development and training program grants for existing businesses Applicants can apply for funding under one of our two grant programs, either BUSINESS INCUBATION GRANT or a TRAINING GRANT.


How much money can I receive under the grant program(s)?

a. CARCIP will be providing grant funding for business start-ups and existing businesses that are ICT or ICT enabled. The maximum grant funding is EC $150,000 (US $55,800).


Am I guaranteed grant funding?

a. There are no guarantees for grant funding. CARCIP focuses on fairness and transparency in the review of each grant application and therefore cannot promise a grant award. Additionally, there are eligibility requirements for projects.


What are the eligibility requirements?

All those who apply must be or meet the following:

a. To be eligible you or your business must be registered in Grenada with the majority shareholder being a citizen(s) of Grenada;

b. Your businesses must be legally and financially autonomous, operate under commercial law, not dependent on the Government of Grenada.

c. A business may partner with another business for purposes of the project and in which case the lead organization must be registered in Grenada with the majority shareholder being a citizens of Grenada.

d. Businesses from all sectors are eligible to apply, however the proposed project MUST be focused on using ICT to start or improve their core business, product or operations;

e. Accept the terms and conditions as associated with the call for proposals;

f. Present all documentation required by the call (example certified copy of business registration certificate, a business plan, completed application/proposal form);

g. Commit to provide co-funding of 20% of the cost of the project (funding may be in-kind, monetary or a combination of both) and accept the financial requirements of the program;

h. If selected, agree to become involved in the program’s visibility campaign;

i. Agree to provide all of the information required by the program for its monitoring activities and for evaluation of results and impact audits performed by the Program Administration or those hired to do so.


What does “in-kind” funding mean?

a. In-kind funding means non-cash contributions of time, equipment, space, and other items that are not cash. In-kind matching items may be items already owned by the applicant or the use of items or personnel donated by a third party, such as volunteer labor. The match should be documented and its value verified from an applicant’s records.


Does the project have formal funding deadlines?

a. Yes, the program has award cycles, each of which begins with a Call for Proposals. Each Call will run for at least ????? days, during which applications should be submitted.


How should I submit my proposal?

a. To apply for funding review the Request for Proposals and the Grant Application Guidelines found at our website Applications should be submitted with ALL the required documentation in the application. For further questions contact us at 473-XXX-XXXX.


What is the duration of the CARCIP grants project?

The project will run for approximately 3 years, beginning May 2015.


When will this start?

CARCIP Awareness Day, May 19, 2015 is the kick-off event. CARCIP will initiate the application process by launching a public Call for Proposal inviting eligible businesses to apply for the Business Incubator (BI) grant(s)

Business Incubator Grants FAQ


What is the purpose of the Business Incubator Grant?

The grant will provide business development assistance to ICT and ICT enabled businesses or projects.


What type of projects will be eligible?

The Project MUST: a. Meet the definition of an ICT or ICT enabled Project fitting into one or more of the following categories (product upgrade, process upgrade, marketing ,organizational process upgrades); b. Have commercial application and sustainability; c. Be able to be completed within the timeframe specified in the call parameters.


What sort of activities can be funded?

The following types of expenditures can be financed under the grant: a. Investment in equipment which is directly related and critical to the implementation of the project as defined in the business plan; b. Consultancy services, including market studies, website development, specialized technical assistance, services provided by the business incubator and other services as deemed necessary for the successful completion of the activity identified for funding; c. Intellectual or industrial property protection; d. Purchase of software, software licenses, software upgrades, software development or any other related software costs.


What would NOT be eligible?

a. The following WILL NOT be funded using fund resources: b. Investment in equipment that are not directly related and critical to the project; c. The purchase of real estate or vehicles not used in the direct operations of the organization; d. Construction of facilities; e. To liquidate debts (including taxes and duties).


How are the proposals evaluated?

a. The merit of the proposed project and the quality of the proposal carries the most weight in the selection committee’s decisions. Eligibility of the applicant as an emerging entrepreneur is also a major consideration.


If awarded a grant, when could I expect to receive the funding?

a. Funding should be made available within 90 days of notification of approval.


Will funds be paid directly to my businesses?

No. Funds will be paid to the service provider/suppliers assisting with the business development activity.


Is there a time frame during which the funds must be spent?

Project activities must be completed within the time agreed to by CARCIP and the applicant.

Training Grants FAQ


What is the purpose of the training grant?

The grant will allow for growth and capacity building for existing businesses and certification of unemployed youth and employees of SMEs in the area of ICT.


Who can apply for the Training Grant?

a. Grants will be awarded to eligible persons through Training institutions or Training Service providers.


Who will provide training?

a. Training Institutions or organizations that have been awarded contracts by CARCIP to conduct training.


Can business owners apply for training for their employees?

a. Yes, providing that the business is registered and operating locally.


Does CARCIP award training grants to non Grenadian service providers?

a. No. Only service providers operating in Grenada are eligible. However, where service providers are not available locally for a specific training need, the possibility of bringing in an external consultant can be explored.


Is there a time frame during which the funds must be spent?

a. Training activities must be completed within the time agreed by CARCIP and the service training provider.


How are the proposals evaluated?

a. The merit of the proposed training and the quality of the proposal carries the most weight in the selection committee’s deliberations. Eligibility of the applicant as a service provider is also a major consideration.

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